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Green Energy

The Town of Hawkesbury is a major proponent of green business opportunities in relation to the new Green Energy Act (GEA) of Ontario. Ontario's GEA and its supporting initiatives position the Province as the green energy leader in North America by actively facilitating the growth of clean, renewable sources of energy as well as green technologies.

The Town of Hawkesbury endorses the GEA and aspires to become a leading industrial centre in Ontario's green economy. The Town of Hawkesbury has a vibrant and diversified business park with all the amenities to meet present and future needs of any potential business working in the manufacturing of green products and technologies. The Town of Hawkesbury also offers great value for new businesses in the form readily available land, no development charges, low property taxes, low real estate costs as well as some of the lowest energy costs in the province.

We would be pleased to provide you with a tailored assessment of your company in order to recommend eligible funding programs.

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