Town Hall - 600 Higginson Street, Hawkesbury ON K6A 1H1 Telephone: (613) 632-0106 Business Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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Map of eastern Ontario and western QuebecNo other city or town in Eastern Ontario is better located with respect to transportation.

Hawkesbury is located off the former TransCanada highway 17 and 10 minutes from the new TransCanada highway 417 placing it right at the centre of Ottawa and Montreal.

Furthermore, the Long Sault Interprovincial bridge provides Hawkesbury with yet a third easy access to Ottawa and Montreal using highway 148.

A new highway 50 is near completion and will provide Hawkesbury with a 4th possible option to travel to Montreal or Ottawa.

CN rail also has an operational rail line which conveniently comes right into Hawkesbury's Business Park.

With 2 international airports, 1 major international port link and 4 highway links all within an hour's drive, the Town of Hawkesbury is strategically located to accommodate the present and future needs of any potential business.


Do you know that Hawkesbury is less than one hour's drive from the City of Montreal, Canada's second largest city (pop. of 3.6 million)?


Hawkesbury is also less than one hour's drive from the City of Ottawa, Canada's National Capital region (pop. 1.1 million).

U.S. Border

Hawkesbury is conveniently located approximately one hour's driving distance from the U.S border.


Canada's most populous metropolitan area and one of the world's most culturally diverse city is approximately 5 hours driving distance or 45 minutes flight from the Town of Hawkesbury.

Province of Quebec

Hawkesbury is home to the only interprovincial bridge east of Ottawa providing easy access, strong cultural ties and additional labour force.