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The Chief Administrator's office is the link between the Municipal Council and the municipal services. His main duties are to oversee and to coordinate the activities of the municipality according to the priorities established by the Municipal Council.


Having for mission to achieve the vision adopted by the Municipal Council, the Chief Administrator's office, with his management committee, is the level at which the decisions and actions are taken. The members of the management committee are liable of their actions to the Chief Administrative Officer who, under his main duty, reports to the Municipal Council of the Town of Hawkesbury. Consequently, the integrity and professionalism are the most important part of any decision-making providing bases for our query towards full capacity productivity.


  • Sees to the fulfillment of the vision adopted by the Municipal Council;
  • Manages in an effective and efficient way the human and financial resources to adequately support the objectives and the priorities of the Municipal Council;
  • Supports the executive personnel, elaborate policies, models of management and standards recognized in the management of the information, the administrative processes, the internal controls, as well as healthy methods of financing so that the municipality allots high quality services to the population;
  • Presents recommendations to the Council on municipal services offered, the policies, guidelines, regulations and proposals on expenses in connection with the management of finance, personnel and material resources of the municipality;
  • Assures the leadership concerning various services and directs them by giving them advice concerning how monies are spent, statutory business and internal administration by producing policies and instructions which will contribute to an effective and efficient programs' management.
  • Elaborates, broadcasts and evaluates the policies and the tools aiming at the Human Resources in order to establish healthy and dynamic working relations.