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What projects require a building permit?

Under the Ontario Building Code Act, a building permit is required to construct, demolish, renovate, alter, install or change the use of a building. The following is a list of typical projects or situations that require the issuance of a building permit for the construction:

  • Construct a new building greater than 10 m2 (107.64 pi2) in building area
  • Install new plumbing in a building or part thereof
  • Change the use of a building
  • Change the fuel source of a fireplace from gas-fired to solid burning
  • Construct an addition to an existing building
  • Construct a deck
  • Add or remove a structural wall in a dwelling
  • Complete a roughed-in bathroom or washroom
  • Alter an existing building or it's plumbing system
  • Repair a building or it's plumbing system
  • Install a new furnace utilizing a new fuel source
  • Install a solid fuel burning appliance
  • Complete a roughed-in fireplace
  • Detached or attached garages and carports
  • Solariums
  • Addition of a dormer
  • Raising a dwelling to provide a full basement
  • Sunrooms
  • Install a sign
  • Above-ground and in-ground swimming pool
  • Replace exterior siding


What projects don't require a building permit?

It is not necessary to obtain building permits to perform the following work. However, you must still comply with the requirements of the Hawkesbury Zoning By-laws and if applicable, the Ontario Building Code.

  • Retaining walls less than 1 metre (39.4 inches) in height
  • Sidewalks
  • Planters and landscaping
  • Replacement plumbing fixtures
  • Replacement hot water heaters (note the requirement to limit hot water to 49oC after September 2004)
  • Replacement of kitchen or bathroom cupboards (same dimensions)
  • Painting, decorating and general maintenance
  • Replacing roof shingles on a residential dwelling
  • Air conditioning units or heat pumps added to existing systems
  • Replacement furnaces provided the new and old furnaces have similar heat output and use the same fuel
  • Accessory buildings (storage sheds) not greater than 10 m2 (107.64 pi2)