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By-law officers are responsible for the enforcement of municipal by-laws dealing with peace and order, respect of others and of municipal properties and parking (see list below).

Furthermore, they are also responsible for the issuance of business licences, taxi permits and authorizations for car washes and fund raisings.

Business licences

Anyone wishing to operate a business in the municipality must, prior to opening, obtain a licence, whether the business is physically located in the municipality or business is rendered in the territory of the municipality (eg. snow plowing business, grass maintenance, door to door solicitation, etc.). The cost of a licence is $105 a year (2014), $110 (2015), $115 (2016) and $120 (2017 and subsequent years), exceptions may apply. The application below must be completed and submitted with the application fee of $100 to the By-law Enforcement Department with all required documents (eg. proof of insurance, master business licence, etc.). A minimum of 10 days might be required to study the application. An important factor is the zoning where your business will be located.


Parking tickets

Parking tickets issued by the By-law officers may be paid in person at the Finance Department (Door B) at the Town Hall or by mail. Fees are added if the payment is not made within 7 days (from $5 to $25). These fees are clearly indicated on the ticket.

You may contest a parking ticket by filing the back of the ticket within 15 days, otherwise a guilty plea will be given by the judge. Appeals are made at the Ontario Provincial Offences Court in L'Orignal.


To file a complaint on any by-law enforced by the By-law officers, please fill the form below and bring it to the By-law Enforcement Department at Door F. Complaints must be signed. The identification of the complainant is confidential. However, if legal actions are undertaken, the witness of the complainant might be required.

Depending on the complaint and the period in the year, the delay to look into a complaint might vary.


Fund raisings

Charities may hold fund raising activities; however they must obtain an authorization before from the By-law Enforcement Department. The By-law officers will verify the eligibility of the organization. Garage sales free of charge are authorized to raise funds, however all goods sold and revenues must be given to the organization. The renting of tables is prohibited.

Car washes may also be organized as a fund raising event. Again an authorization is required prior to the activity from the By-law Enforcement Department. Car washes are not permitted in July and August.

Rules about dogs

All dogs must be registered at the Town Hall. Licences are renewable every year at a cost of $15 per dog. Late renewal, after March 15th, is $25. A maximum of 2 dogs per household is authorized.

Dogs shall not disturb the neighbourhood by their barking. They shall not wander on public or other private properties. Excrements must be picked-up.

Garage sales

A permit is required to hold a garage sale. The cost is $10 for 2 consecutive days. Two garage sales per year are authorized. Garage sales are authorized for residences only.

It is forbidden to post advertisement signs on electric and telephone posts, on public properties and on private properties elsewhere than on the garage sale site.

Garbage and recycling

Garbage and recycling cannot be put at the curb before 7:00 p.m. the day before they are collected.



Amount of domestic animals that may be kept in a residential dwelling unit By-law No 82-2006
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Business licences By-law No 30-2004
Clean yards By-law No 14-2007
Distribution of posters, pictures or handbills By-law No 76-91
Dog (Dogs park) By-law N° 3-2014 
Dog registration By-law No 73-2002
Dog waste By-law No 124-96
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Schedules A - H

(available on request)

Parks and Loitering By-law No 23-2009
Property standards By-law No 50-2001
Signs By-law No 75-2001
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By-law No 28-2005
Schedules I to XVI
(available on request)

Truck Route Map 
Exemption of reduced load restrictions Map

Use and care of streets (including loitering) By-law No 47-89
Use of water (including car wash fund raising) By-law No 32-2006
Vicious dogs By-law No 63-90