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Administrative fees for certain services By-law No 36-2007
Fees Grid
Prevention of backflow occurence into the public water supply By-law No 59-2012
Construction, Demolition, Change of Use Permits and Inspections By-law No 18-2008
Council Meetings Procedures By-law No 20-2005
Exotic animals By-law No 13-2007
False alarms (Police) By-law No 45-2008
Feeding of wild animals and certain birds By-law No 6-2012
Fences (including swimming pool fences) By-law No 35-2013
Fire Routes By-law No 29-96
Fireworks and Firecrackers By-law No 31-96
Garbage and Recycling By-law No 86-96
Good Friday By-law No 1-98
Planning fees By-law No 4-2017
Property disposal By-law N° 22-2012 
Signs - Municipal Elections By-law No 22-2010
Site Plan By-law No 22-2013
Smoke alarms By-law No 30-96
No smoking in municipal buildings and municipal vehicles By-law No 55-2004
Terraces on Main Street By-law No 34-2008
Titles of the Members of the Municipal Council By-law No 31-2005
Watering By-law No 32-2006