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Photo Bryan MacKillopYour detachment of the O.P.P. is very proud to introduce our new information portal located within our municipalities' web site. We are committed to engaging in continuous consultation with our citizens and local government in an effort to best respond to local concerns in an effective and timely manner. It is vital that we take steps to express our commitments and progress to our communities using a variety of means so that we ensure everyone has access to our information.

Attached to this page you will not only see our strategic priorities outlined in our annual business plan but you will also see a link to our detachments e-mail address. This link is provided as a means for our community partners to provide us with any concerns or information in a timely and contemporary manner. As well, you will find a link to an information sheet that outlines the many services and programs offered by your local detachment of the O.P.P.

Within this portal you will see an array of links to information related to policing and public safety. I encourage our citizens to explore this information and to view our detachment structure and the essential role played by your Police Services Board. Our detachment firmly believes that we cannot succeed without our communities support. We encourage all citizens to work collaboratively with us and play an active role in promoting public safety within their environment.

We are committed to ensuring policing excellence through our people, our work and our relationships in an effort to provide a safe and secure community for all. The trust and confidence you have shown in us is not taken lightly. Rest assured that our members will continue to dedicate the entirety of their efforts towards promoting public safety in a way that exemplifies our values of professionalism, accountability, diversity, respect and excellence.

Detachment Commander, Hawkesbury OPP 

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Detachment Organisation


Police Services Board


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As the population of the Town of Hawkesbury does not exceed 25,000 people, the Hawkesbury Police Services Board consists of three members:

  • the head of the municipal council or another member of the council appointed by resolution of the council;
  • one person appointed by resolution of the council, who is neither a member of the council nor an employee of the municipality; and
  • one person appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in council

The role of the Board is to:

  • participate in the selection of the detachment commander of the detachment assigned to the municipality;
  • generally determine objectives and priorities for police services, after consultation with the detachment commander;
  • establish, after consultation with the detachment commander, any local policies with respect to police services;
  • monitor the performance of the detachment commander;
  • receive regular reports from the detachment commander on disclosures and decisions made under section 49 of the Police Services Act; and
  • review the detachment commander's administration of the complaints system under part V and receive regular reports from the detachment commander on his or her administration of the complaints system

All of the meetings of the Police Services Board are open to the public except meetings held in camera. 

Chair, Hawkesbury Police Services Board 

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