Town Hall - 600 Higginson Street, Hawkesbury ON K6A 1H1 Telephone: (613) 632-0106 Business Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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Highway 417, linking Ottawa with Montreal, provides quick convenient transportation to either location. Its proximity to the 401 allows ready access west to Kingston and Toronto and east to Quebec City and Trois-Rivières. A direct route south, Highway 34, offers access to the city of Cornwall, the St. Lawrence Seaway with its ocean-going ports and the International Bridge connecting Canada with the United States.

Major airports are close at hand with international flights departing from Montreal's Mirabel and Dorval airports and Ottawa's Uplands airport.

Within a 10-hour drive of Hawkesbury, there are over seventy-five million people and some of the world's largest markets.

  • Located on highway 17 and a short drive to highway 40 and 417;
  • 45 minutes from highway 401;
  • Immediate access to Quebec via the interprovincial bridge;
  • 30 minutes to the West Island of Montreal;
  • 45 minutes to Montréal-Trudeau airport;
  • 1 hour from the American border;
  • 1 hour to the Ottawa International airport;
  • 1 hour to the Port of Montreal;