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Hawkesbury Logo 
The 150th anniversary celebrations of the Town of Hawkesbury were an excellent opportunity to modernize its corporate image.

The coat of arms, dating from 1957, relates the history of the town and will remain an important symbol. A modern logo reflects the present and the importance of the future for the community.

The two colours of the logo, blue and green, represent water and land.

The dynamic shape of the "H" illustrates growth and points towards the future. It also represents a road, a symbol of the town's path through time. The green bars on each side represent the provinces of Ontario and Québec linked by the bridge.

The "H" also symbolizes a building between two green bars representing a growing town located in the middle of a rural area. These two bars also represent the support the town wants to offer to its citizens.

The "H" which can stand on its own, represents all the different roads leading to Hawkesbury.

The chosen typography is very simple allowing it to be visually appealing and easily recognizable. The reflection represents the water of the Ottawa River and the image the town wants to reflect from now on.

The new corporate image will be a useful tool in promoting the town beyond its frontiers.