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Drinking water

All properties in Town are connected to a water meter and the cost for water and sewer services is charged on a combination of fixed fees and consumption.

Despite the fact that taxpayers are paying for what they use, we encourage saving this precious natural resource.

Water meters are reliable but if you think yours is not working properly, call the Technical Services Department at (613) 632-0106 extension 2020. You will be given tips to see if it works properly. Following the results, we could arrange for a visit. Before going to your place, you will be informed of applicable fees.

Fire hydrants

Each spring fire hydrants are flushed by the Town. A notice is posted on the Website informing residents.

It is forbidden for anyone to use water from a fire hydrant.


Tankers wishing to get water for pools may fill directly from the water filtration plant at a very good price. Payment must be made prior to the Finance Department.