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At the Robert-Hartley Sports Complex, 425 Bd Cartier, Hawkesbury, ON K6A 1M4


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613 636-2082

The Town of Hawkesbury is proud to welcome people from surrounding communities by offering a wide variety of high quality recreational, sports, community and cultural programming and high quality customer service.

The Recreational, Community and Cultural Activities Department is responsible for the planning, organization and coordination of a wide range of activities and events that encourages citizen participation and promotes our vibrant and dynamic region with visitors. From Family Day activities to the Santa Claus Parade, the Country Festival to Canada Day Celebrations, there is something for everyone.

A healthy community is essential, therefore the department provides support to local organizations and citizens by offering quality sports and recreational facilities and premises adapted to their needs.

In partnership with the community, the department aims to improve citizens’ well-being by enabling them to participate in activities in a healthy, welcoming and friendly environment.