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Highlights of the 2023 Budget

Municipal services budget : $17.4M (Estimated  $ increase for an average residential property : $74)

Budget for water, wastewater and garbage services : $6.8M

Capital budget : $13.2M

Total Budget : $37.4M

Municipal Tax Levy : $11,954,000 (+3.95%)

Major infrastructure projects:

Refrigeration system replacement at the arena ($2.5M)

Water Treatment Plant – Clarifier and Filtration upgrade ($8M) (Started in 2022 will continue until 2024)

West Street Reconstruction (from Main to Nelson W.) ($1.5M)

Plan & Design for new municipal garage ($700k)

Purchase of snow removal equipment ($360k)

Robert Hartley Sports Complex Upgrade ($150k) (Pool locker room and flooring)

You can access all the details by clicking on this link:

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