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Please note that since December 1, 2021, the Finance Department is closed between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. (like the rest of the Town Hall).

Property taxes:

There are two tax bills per year, for a total of 4 installments:

  • the Interim Billing is payable in two installments; at the end of March and end of June;
  • the Final Billing is payable in two installments; at the end of September and end of November.

Methods of payments available are:

Payments can be made as follow:

  • Municipal Office, Door 3 (previously Door B as indicated on your documents) at 600 Higginson Street. After hours, you may deposit your envelope in our dropbox.
  • Internet 1
    • in the category Tax, select Hawkesbury Taxes and enter the15 digits of your roll number;
  • At your financial institution 1
  • Paymentus (Secure online payment)
    • Pay your bill in 3 easy steps without registering. All you need is your account number from your paper bill.

      Payments made prior to midnight will be posted to your account next day. Payments made after midnight will be posted within 48 hours. For each payment, you will receive a confirmation number for your records.
    • Please follow this link:

Pre-authorized debit plan:

Postdated cheque:

  • Please make your payment to the order of the Corporation of the Town of Hawkesbury

1 Note: When choosing to make a payment through the internet or directly at your financial institution, please ensure that the municipality receives your payment before or by the due date to avoid late penalty fees. We recommend that you make your payment a minimum of 4 or 5 working days before the due date.