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The Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the Town of Hawkesbury was initiated by Town Council and supported by a dedicated CIP Advisory Committee that included representatives from Council, Town Staff, the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, the Hawkesbury Industrial Investment Association, the Hawkesbury Business Improvement Association, and the Hawkesbury Chamber of Commerce, as well as local residents and business owners. The Advisory Committee members demonstrated a passion for community development and graciously volunteered their time to contribute to this plan for their community. This is a plan that provides opportunities for community revitalization and economic prosperity for all residents, now and in the future.

Consult thepdfCommunity Improvement Plan9.67 MB.

Consult the pdfBrochure4.12 MB describing what is the CIP.

Download thepdfFinancial Incentives Application128.97 KB.

Consult the pdfAgreement95.07 KB that will need to be concluded with the Town if your project is accepted.