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  • Bins must remain at the address to which they were assigned and are the owner’s and the occupants' responsibility. Any damage to bins will be handled case by case.
  • Bins must be stored near residence, or in an appropriate enclosure, cleared of snow and accessible to residents.
  • Garbage must be placed in a designated Town garbage bin placed curbside with the lid closed.
  • Any additional garbage bags must be tagged with an "extra garbage bag tag" AND placed alongside the grey garbage bin for collection.
  • Extra garbage bag tags are sold at Town Hall (3 for $10).

Positioning of bins EN 2024

Guide dimensions des bacs 240L et 360L WEB V1 en

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Winter collection instructions

Optimal garbage placement can get tricky in the winter. Here are some reminders about bin placement and ways to facilitate collection and snow removal operations.trois gestes ang

·Keep an area on your property cleared of snow for placing your garbage bin out for collection.                                                                    

·If your driveway is very narrow, you may consider keeping an area of your lawn cleared of snow where you can set out your bins.

·Do NOT park your car in front of garbage bins set out for collection.

·Do NOT place your garbage bins on the sidewalk. Sidewalks are plowed in one pass, therefore impediments such as garbage bins slow down snow removal operations significantly.

*(see below for certain exceptions)

·If you must move the garbage bin temporarily to gain access to your driveway, the preferred back-up placement is in the street, as close as possible to the curb.         

·Remember to always have the Town logo on the bin facing the street (the wheels facing the household) and keep at least 30cm (1 ft) clear of obstacles on all sides of the bin.

*Exceptions: Certain sidewalks on sections of Main St E, Cartier Blvd and Lansdowne St are wide enough to accommodate garbage bins while proceeding with snow removal. In these areas, please continue to place your bins on the sidewalk so they are accessible for collection, while leaving 1.5m (5 ft) free of obstacles for the snow plow.


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