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The meeting started at 8 a.m. by the moderator, Mr. Jean Sirois. He spoke to the fifty people present about the content of this meeting. First, to provide relevant information with presentations on available housing incentives and the City of Hawkesbury itself. Second, gather information and comments on the current housing situation.

CMHC's Jamie Shipley, who presented a visual about CMHC's programs and home-transformation opportunities, new trend formulas and plans offered by CMHC. Subsequently, Mr. Alain Lacelle of the United Counties of Prescott-Russell, presented statistics about current housing conditions in the Counties by mentioning the programs offered by the various levels of government.

The final speakers were Mr. Daniel Gatien, Chief Administrative Officer of the Town of Hawkesbury, who spoke about fiber optic coverage, favorable statistics about Hydro Hawkesbury and the rest of Ontario, and current job opportunities. He also drew parallels with the City of Rockland's situation several years ago and spoke about Hawkesbury's vision for the future. Manon Belle-Isle, Senior Urban Planner at the Town of Hawkesbury shared data on the Master Plan and available areas for residential development. Finally, Mr. Guillaume Boudrias, Project Manager at the City, shared information regarding the capacity of drinking water and wastewater plants as well as long-term development projects.

This meeting ended with interventions from the participants, who themselves noted some points they thought to improve by the Town and our panelists answered all the remaining questions.

A constructive meeting that will lay the foundation for a new and prosperous Hawkesbury that will meet the pressing needs of accommodation and housing.

This is the beginning of a conversation between us!

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