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Actual situation

Garbage collection

Garbage bags or containers and recycling bins shall be put on your property at 1 meter from the curb or the sidewalk, no sooner than 5:00 p.m. the day prior to the collect. The daily collection will normally start at 6:00 a.m. Containers must not exceed 125 liters (28 gallons) or 80 pounds (36 kg) in total weight.

Find below the preliminary draft of the 2023 waste collections calendar. There are still a few dates to be confirmed, after which the final calendar will be sent via Canada Post to all residents and published here by the end of January:

Recycling collection

Since March 2022, size of cardboard boxes is limited to 75 cm by 75 cm.

Curbside Restriction

The following items are not accepted at the regular curbside pick-up:

  • ashes, sawdust or combustible materials;
  • liquid or semi-liquid waste;
  • hay, straw and manure, garden materials, yard waste and tree limbs;
  • major appliances;
  • fences, fence posts;
  • hazardous waste, propane tanks;
  • tires;
  • construction or renovation debris;
  • large household furnishings;
  • crates or packing material;
  • automobiles or vehicle parts.

changements en 2023

Changes to the waste collection services in 2023

In an effort to modernize the Town of Hawkesbury’s waste management system and maximize the amount of waste we divert from landfills, there will be changes to the municipal waste collections services offered. These changes will take place in 2023 and are all fully detailed below.

The designated bins will be delivered directly to residences between May 29th and June 3rd. Bins will be delivered on the property in the same location where the bin would be set out on collection day. For a typical household, this would be at the end of the driveway, set back from the curb. If you have not received you garbage bin(s) by June 6th, please contact the Town at 613-632-0106 or email .

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in making our Town more sustainable!

Choose the type of collection by clicking on the image to see the changes made for 2023

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