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Financial reports allow the citizens to follow the financial performances of the Town. The budget is a great tool to understand the allocation of the property taxes through each municipal services. The audited Financial Statements can be used to evaluate the financial results of the past year and also provide an overview of the financial position of the Town.


Ontario Supports Modernization of Small and Rural Municipalities

Project Title

Town of Hawkesbury Telecommunication Infrastructure Review


The objective of the Project is to review the Recipient’s telecommunications system with the goal of recommending cost savings and service improvements.


The Recipient will retain an independent third-party reviewer to conduct a review that assesses both the deficiencies in the Recipient’s existing telecommunications system, along with requirements for future system expansion. As part of the review, the reviewer will provide recommendations for cost savings and service improvements. Next, the reviewer will provide the Recipient with recommendations for preparing a request for proposal (RFP) for its telecommunications system expansion.

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