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Inspection during construction

Scheduling of inspections

Each major phase of construction must be inspected by the Building Inspector to make sure the work conforms to the Building Code, the building permit and the approved plans.

Inspections required for the project will be indicated on the inspection form attached to the building permit.

The person responsible for the construction project must request each inspection and 24 to 48 hours advanced notice is required.

Deficiencies to be corrected

Deficiencies noted during the inspection must be corrected and re-inspected prior to proceeding to the next stage of the construction.

Final inspection

Upon completion of the construction, your must call the Building Department for a final inspection.

Completion of construction

Once the final inspection is done and the construction is considered by the Chief Building Official to be completed, the performance deposit will be returned to the applicant, as per Building By-law N° 18-2008.

Processing of an application for a building permit

Submit application

Submit application to the Building Department complete with all required documents and/or drawings.

Review process

The Chief Building Official reviews the application to determine if the project is in compliance with the Building Code, the zoning and other municipal by-laws and provincial regulations.

Issuance of permit

If in compliance with the Building Code, the zoning and other applicable regulations is determined, the application is approved and a building permit is issued by the Chief Building Official.

The time period for the issuance of a permit shall be as per the Building Code requirements and shall begin on the day on which the application is considered to be complete by the Chief Building Official.

TypeAmount of days
Residential 5 to 10 days
Residential (multiple units) up to 20 days
Commercial up to 20 days
Industrial up to 20 days
Institutional up to 20 days


Payment of fees and posting of permit

You must pay all required permit fees as per Schedule “A” to Building By-law N° 18-2008, prior to starting the construction.

You must also post the Building Permit in a window or other prominent place at the construction site, keep a copy of the building plans at the site and bring any proposed changes to the attention of the Chief Building Official immediately. Changes may require a review and approval in the same manner as the original application.

Documents and drawings required for permit applications

pdfRequired Documents

For more information

Building Department

For any questions concerning construction, inspections, signs, pools or fences, please contact the Building Department at 613 632-0106.

Request for Inspection

To schedule an inspection, please contact the Building Department at 613 632-0106.

Ontario Building Code

Building Code information is available on the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website at

Zoning Regulations

Information on zoning regulations such as zoning, setbacks to lot lines, lot coverage or building height can be obtained from the Planner at 613 632-0106.