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Hawkesbury Homeowners Gain Access to Low-Cost Service Plans to Help with Home Repair Emergencies.

September 8, 2022 – One of the most difficult parts of homeownership is when something goes wrong. Beyond the financial expense, the stress of coordinating repairs is a hassle for many. The Town of Hawkesbury is now partnering with Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) to help resident homeowners protect themselves from those expected costs.

Through the partnership, which launched thanks to a decision by Hawkesbury’s leadership to implement the new voluntary program for residents, homeowners in Hawkesbury now have access to optional service plans that assist with the cost and management of common plumbing repairs.  Specifically, the service plans provide protection for the water and sewer service lines that connect a resident’s home to the town’s system.

Enrollment in an SLWC plan is optional and voluntary for homeowners in Hawkesbury. This is not a Town of Hawkesbury program, SLWC is solely responsible for the administration of the program. SLWC and the Town of Hawkesbury will not go door-to-door or call residents to market these optional warranty plans. A homeowner who chooses to enroll in this program should do so with the knowledge that the Town of Hawkesbury in no way warrants or is liable for the work or performance of SLWC.

For all inquiries, please visit our page at:

Or contact SLWC directly at their toll-free number: 1-866-922-9004 ;

Or by visiting their website at:

Please do not contact the Town of Hawkesbury.