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    • Public meeting on the 27th of March 2023

      Take notice that the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the Town of Hawkesbury will hold a public meeting on the 27th of March 2023, at 6:00 p.m. at Town Hall, 600 Higginson Street to consider a proposed Amendment to Zoning By-law No 20-2018 under Section 34 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.13.

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    • Load Restrictions

      The period of reduced loads on the territory of the Town of Hawkesbury will be effective on Friday March 3, 2023, and until the signs are removed.

      For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at 613 632-0106.

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    • Our outdoor rinks are now closed

      Our teams have worked tirelessly since December to open and maintain the outdoor rinks for the winter season.

      The weather cocktail, courtesy of Mother Nature, and the damage caused this week is beyond repair. With the warming temperature, this forces us to proceed with the permanent closure of all outdoor rinks and their chalets on the territory of the Town of Hawkesbury.

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    • Highlights of the 2023 Budget

      Municipal services budget : $17.4M (Estimated  $ increase for an average residential property : $74)

      Budget for water, wastewater and garbage services : $6.8M

      Capital budget : $13.2M

      Total Budget : $37.4M

      Municipal Tax Levy : $11,954,000 (+3.95%)

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    • Emergency municipal infrastructure work being performed, February 14, 2023


      411 TO 543 CAMERON STREET

      1036 & 1066 LANSDOWNE STREET

      1025-1039 ABERDEEN STREET

      This notice is to inform you that there will be emergency municipal infrastructure work being performed today, February 14, 2023, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Please follow the signs in order to detour the working zone.

      Also, during this time, a water interruption will occur which can cause a reddish colouring of the water. Before any use of water, we recommend that you verify if the water is coloured. If the water is coloured, leave the cold water taps running for about one minute, until the water returns to its usual colour. Note that this discolouration will have no harmful effect on your health.

      NOTE: Work will be postponed to a later date if weather conditions are unfavourable.

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  • As part of its emergency plan and eager to offer an effective tool of good quality to its citizens, the Town of Hawkesbury has acquired an alert and communication system service WITH NO USER FEE FOR ITS CITIZENS.

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  • As part of the planning of municipal infrastructure management, level of service aspect, the administration wishes to conduct a feedback and improvement survey among Hawkesbury residents.

    We encourage you to participate massively in this very inclusive survey.

    You have the choice to do it electronically by clicking here, on on the button or to download the fillable PDF document available below, fill it out and return it to us using the "Envoyer/Submit" button in the bottom.

    bouton en

    pdfSondage_version_pdf_Remplissable_V3_en.pdf334.43 KB



Jun 2022

REGÉNÉRER LES MATÉRIAUX POUR LEUR DONNER UNE NOUVELLE VIE ARTISTIQUE.. L'Exposition Recycl'art est une activité majeure visant à encourager les artistes à produire et à diffuser des oeuvres réalisées à partir d'éléments récupérés de l'industr


Mar 2023

EXPOSITION Vendredi le 31 mars – 16h. Cocktail / VERNISSAGE – OUVERTURE CONFÉRENCE DE PRESSE DE la 48e SAISON ARTISTIQUE RENCONTRE AVEC LES ARTISTES CONTINUUM Collectif 7 artistes, Ottawa Kathryn Bossy – Mario Cerroni – Lynn Dubinsky – Catherine
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Mariage bil

Here is the information regarding having a civil marriage ceremony with the Town of Hawkesbury.

Ceremonies are available in French and English, and the duration is approximately 20 minutes depending on the vows chosen. They will be held at the Town Hall (600 Higginson street) during regular office hours.

The booking of a civil marriage at Town Hall must be made at least four (4) weeks prior to the intended date for the ceremony, at which time, applicable fees shall be paid and a Civil Marriage Ceremony Booking Agreement (attached) will be executed. There must also be a pre-ceremony consultation with the officiant by phone or virtually a few days before the wedding to discuss the ceremony.  

If you are planning to also have your marriage licence done at the Town of Hawkesbury, this can be done in the weeks leading up to the ceremony, or on the same day as the ceremony. You will need to bring several documents with you in order to have the marriage licence issued. There include two pieces of ID per person (one must be a passport or a birth certificate), certificates of divorce (if applicable), and a completed marriage application form from Service Ontario. For additional information on the marriage licence, please refer to the Town of Hawkesbury’s Marriage Licence page.

The persons being married are required to have two (2) witnesses present during the ceremony. Witnesses must be 14 years of age or older, and should be able to understand and appreciate what is taking place and be able to give evidence of such at a later date, if required. The Town may provide two witnesses for a fee, but must be given advance notice if they are to provide them.

A maximum of 6 guests (including the wedding party) can be accommodated in the venue at Town Hall.

The taking of photographs and videotaping of the Ceremony will be permitted subject to certain limitations at the discretion of the Marriage Officiant.

Civil Marriage Ceremony Fees*

Marriage licence fee (if doing it through Hawkesbury)


Administrative Fee


Marriage Officiant Fee


Registration Fee


Witness (per witness)   


*Changes to date, and/place are allowed at no additional charge, provided that the venue and the Officiate are available. Requests to change the date, time and/or place must be received a minimum of 48 hours prior to the originally scheduled date and time. An administration fee of $50.00 will be retained if the ceremony is cancelled prior to the scheduled date and time. No refund will be issued if the ceremony is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled date and time, or the Applicant(s) do not show up for the ceremony, or if the ceremony is cancelled by the Marriage Officiant due to the fact that the persons being married arrive late.

Let me know if you have any further questions, and if you would like to proceed, please send an email to:  to start the process.

montage salle

Located along one of the oldest trade routes in North America, the territory of the Town of Hawkesbury has long been a strategic location. It was formerly occupied by native groups for whom the Ottawa River was an important link between the Great Lakes and the northeastern portion of the continent.

With the arrival of Europeans, the islands in front of Hawkesbury were certainly deemed strategic emplacement for camps  on  the fur trade route. the birth of the Town occurred in the early 19th century. It was at this time that the first logging mills were established in Hawkesbury, an event that deeply marked the industrial use of the site and islands.

Even though Hawkesbury was recognized as an industrial and commercial center, it first-handedly felt the repercussions of the 1873 – 1878 economic crisis. Logging activities were gradually replaced by the pulp and paper industry during that time.

At the turn of the 20th century, small industries were replaced  by large players that increasingly dominated the labour market. The economic impact of the Great Depression in the 1930s was lessened by the construction of Pearly bridge that served as connector between Hawkesbury to the village of Grenville. this new strategic relationship between the  two  provinces  begat  an economic vitality which led to the town’s recognition a true regional center for trade and services.

The mid-20th century was marked by the construction of the Carillon dam and expropriation of an entire sector on the Chenail Island. Despite protests, the residents had no choice but to leave their land. At this point, the Town begins it southern expansion that includes new residential areas and an industrial park.

The last thirty years have inflicted a heavy blow to the local and regional economy. Hawkesbury witnessed the closure of several large companies including the Canadian International Paper (CIP) in 1983 and  Amoco,  in  the  early  2000s.  These  closures  were a setback not only to the local economy but also to the Town’s collective identity.

As a result, a greater economic diversification in the businesses operating in the industrial and services sector can be noted today.

Just like that of many first generation industrial towns, Hawkesbury’s history is punctuated by important events that had major impacts on local social and economic development scene. Nevertheless, the Town and its residents have demonstrated the ability to adapt. It is in this context of tradition and resilience to cope with change that this strategic planning exercise was conducted with the citizens of the Town of Hawkesbury.

If you want to know more, you can download the document published for the 150th birthday of the Town called 'pdfHawkesbury. 150 facts and memories'.

Who we are

The Environmental Service team is composed of several multidisciplinary certified operators, a quality control clerk and a Superintendent.

We are responsible for the operations of the Drinking Water Treatment Plant, the Drinking Water Distribution System and the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Our service operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

Our engagement

We are engaged to:

  • Provide safe and clean drinking water to all our citizens and customers,
  • Maintain and continually improve our drinking water quality management system,
  • Assure the effective treatment of wastewater, and
  • Comply with all applicable drinking water and wastewater legislations and regulations.

Hawkesbury Water cycle English

Be proud to work for the Town of Hawkesbury

As any municipality, the Town of Hawkesbury offers a wide variety of jobs in different areas. Our job is to provide quality services to our 11,000 citizens. Each employee works in a healthy, safe, productive and harmonious environment.

We offer rewarding career opportunities, jobs that will take into account not only the improvement of your quality of life, but that of our entire community. Your work involvement will help your neighbors, local businesses and visitors, while helping make Hawkesbury one of the best cities of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell in which to live.

Join our team!

Let's be proud to work for our community!

Let's be worthy of the trust of our fellow citizens!

I choose to work for the Town of Hawkesbury

  • To become involved in my community and contribute to its development
  • To tackle stimulating challenges
  • To benefit from attractive career prospects
  • To evolve in an environment that promotes learning and development of expertise
  • To enjoy competitive benefits
  • To be part of a dynamic environment within a human scale

Become an employee of the Town

With some 200 permanent, casual and seasonal employees, the Town of Hawkesbury is one of the most important employers in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.

What you should know

Criminal record check

You will be required to work with vulnerable groups of the population. Thus, all applicants must provide a criminal record vulnerable sector check on the day of the interview.

To obtain your criminal record check, you must contact your district police. It takes time, thus your request must be made well before the interview.

Documents required at hiring

The following documents must be presented on request:

  • Social Insurance Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Criminal record check (dated no longer than 3 months prior to the date when it has been requested)
  • Cancelled cheque (payroll is only done by direct deposit)
  • Copies of Diplomas required mentioned in the job advertised (original documents must be scanned in color and sent with Resume)

Job Postings

Please note that if there are no job postings, there are no opportunities of employment for the moment.

In accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the information gathered is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, R.S.O. 2001, c. M.25 and will be used to select a candidate.

In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, the Corporation of the Town of Hawkesbury agrees to recognize the different needs and to provide an accessible place to all.

The Corporation of the Town of Hawkesbury promotes equal opportunity. The Corporation of the Town of Hawkesbury would like to thank all those who apply. However, only the applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

The masculine form is used without discrimination and refers also to the feminine form.



The Recreation and Culture Department is seeking qualified candidates to fill the position of Aquafitness Instructor to plan and instruct aquatic fitness classes at the Robert Hartley Sports Complex.


  • Variable (weekdays, weeknights)


  • Certification and experience in aquafit
  • Current National Lifeguard Certification, an asset
  • Current General First Aid Certification with CPR-C
  • Available weekdays and week nights
  • Must be fluent in both French and English


According to the Collective Agreement presently in force

Other Details

Unionized position

Part time

You must complete the form included on this page and submit your curriculum vitae as well as your cover letter.


The Recreation and Culture Department is seeking qualified candidates to fill the position of Lifeguard to supervised the indoor public pool


  • Variable (days and or evenings and or weekends)


  • Current National Lifeguard Certification
  • Current Standard First Aid / CPR C
  • Current Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certification, an asset
  • Reliable and responsible
  • Must be fluent in both English and French


According to the Collective Agreement presently in force

Other Details

Unionized position

Part-time position

You must complete the form included on this page and submit your curriculum vitae as well as your cover letter.

Casual position, part time, non-unionized callback list


You enjoy teamwork and want to use your skills and knowledge to serve the citizen of the Town of Hawkesbury? We want to build a staff bank to meet the temporary needs of our team.

Reporting to the Manager of Municipal facilities, the General Helper assists regular staff in the clean up, preparation of recreational areas, repairs and maintenance of facilities, properties and equipment. Part of your duties will be to attend municipal facility operations, transport equipment, furnishings, or equipment for special events within the Town. You will also be required to work outdoors for the maintenance of municipal, sports and recreational installations.



You are known for your manual skills, versatility, initiative and responsibility.


  •  High School Diploma
  • One (1) year of relevant experience

  • Good physical condition

  • Have a Class "G" driver's license

  • Bilingualism (French and English)

 The work environment is francophone.


  •  Ability to operate small equipment
  • Be self-reliant and resourceful

  • Team player

  • Easy to work with a various clientele


 $17.67 hourly

Submit your cover letter and curriculum vitae.  We will accept applications all year 2023 with the intention to build a convenient callback list. 






SCHOOL CROSSING GUARD (external continious posting)

(part time position, on call)

 Competition: BRIG

Reporting to the Deputy Clerk, the school crossing guard ensures the safety and wellbeing of all pedestrians as they cross a street near primary schools in the territory of Corporation of the Town of Hawkesbury.


  • Analyze the environment to determine the danger zone, assess and stop traffic safely
  • Give children safety instructions and ensure they are respected
  • Control dangerous behaviour of children during crossing of the street
  • Collaborate in school safety campaigns
  • Perform any other task related to its function and/or required by its immediate supervisor    (e.g. special events)


  • Bilingualism (French and English)
  • Knowledge of traffic and safety rules
  • Responsible, punctual, cautious and vigilent
  • Excellent visual and hearing acuity
  • Physical condition necessary (standing work)
  • Having one (1) year of relevant experience with such clientele, an asset
  • First aid training, an asset
  • Autonomy


$24.49 hourly


Depending on the street, crossing guards work between 7h30 and 9h00 in the morning also between 14h15 and 16h00 in the afternoon.

You must complete the form included on this page and submit your curriculum vitae as well as your cover letter.


A rewarding job awaits you within one of the teams of the Corporation of the Town of Hawkesbury


Are you looking for a job that will bring you the satisfaction of making a difference in your community? Would you like the opportunity to gain experience and develop your knowledge?

We have a job for you!  Available jobs:


S2023-ADMINISTRATION Documentation Technician (1)

The incumbent provides administrative assistance and support to the town’s administration and the work is primarily related to paper & electronic archival system and document retention.

Hourly rate will be $17


S2023-FIRE Fire Inspector (1)

The incumbent executes inspections of fire alarms in residential homes and supports the department to meet the objectives of fire prevention and risk reduction. 

Hourly rate will be 18$


S2023-FACILITIES Horticulturist Helper (2)

The incumbent helps our Seasonal Horticulturist in his daily tasks performing physically demanding work such as cleaning after pruning trees, maintenance of flower bed, hanging baskets across the Town and maintenance of green spaces, parks, etc. 

Hourly rate will be 17.67$


S2023-FACILITIES Park maintenance laborer (2)

The incumbent helps Municipal Facilities’ Team in its daily tasks performing physically demanding work such as cutting grass, park maintenance, pick-up trashes, help with special events preparations. 

Hourly rate will be 17.67$


S2023-RECREATION Recreation Technician (3)

The incumbent is responsible for operations related to the different sports facilities, such as the booking centre and O’Shack rentals, and promotes the use of these in the community. They establish trust with the users, ensures their safety, as well as the smooth running of the activities. They offer excellent customer service to citizens as well as tourists.  They collaborate with their peers to promote natural spaces and the activities offered during the summer season.  Participate to special events preparations when required.

Hourly rate will be 18$


S2023- ENGINEERING – Civil Engineering Tech Assistant (1)

The incumbent is responsible for listing the Municipality’s inventory on all levels and of doing follow ups with the various construction sites in the municipality.

Hourly rate will be $20


Do you think you have the necessary skills (independence, endurance, bilingualism, interpersonal skills, etc.) to fill one of these positions? Do not hesitate to send us your resume and cover letter mentioning which job interests you and the reasons why you are THE best person to hire (experience, interests).


Send this to us by email soon. Some of our jobs must be filled for the beginning of April. We can’t wait to read about you. Please note that the summer season will end around the third week of August.


We look forward to meeting you!

Job application form

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equipement a vendre

Equipment for sale

We sometimes we have vehicles or equipment for sale. If this is the case, you can consult the following link (if there is nothing announced, it means that there is nothing for sale at the moment):


The Town has to obey to its Procurement Policy for the purchase of goods and services. If a call for tenders has to be open to the public, the notice will be posted in this section and depending on the size of the project, the tender document may also be posted.

You may consult the Procurement Policy in the Policies section.

Please take note that all our tenders are available on the Web portal Merx at: