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Page updated on December 1, 2021.


Everyone has a role to play in reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 - there is no option for anyone to opt out.

Of all the sanitary measures, the most important is still physical distancing (except for members of the same household) which you must maintain at all times and avoid gatherings. 

The lives of Hawkesbury's people, especially our community's most vulnerable citizens, is in your hands and will depend on your actions over the coming days and weeks.

All municipal services are available online or by phone. Closed between 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.

For any information about property and water taxes, please call 613 632-0106 ext. 2266 or email us at . You still can make a tax payment, please use one of the following options:

  • Use our secure outer box at main entrance;
  • Through your online banking services (smartphone or computer).
  • At your financial institution.
  • Pre-Authorized debit plan.
  • Postdated cheque.

Planning Department

Call 613-632-0106 ext. 2031 or email us at:

Construction Department

Call 613-632-0106 ext. 2021 or email us at: 

Clerk and By-law Enforcement Department

Call 613-632-0106 ext. 2330 or email us at : 

Recreation and Tourism Department

Call 613-636-2082 or email us at: 

Municipal Facilities Department

To report a breakage or an event related to municipal facilities (parks, green spaces, public facilities, etc.).

Call 613-632-0106, ext. 2255 or email us at: 

Public Works Department

To report a breakage or an event related to municipal infrastructure (roads, safe water, traffic, etc.).

Call 613-632-0106, ext. 2020 or email us at: 

Garbage and recycling collections are carried out as usual.

Fire Department

The station remains closed to the public. However, the Fire Department is still operational 24/7, as usual.

For emergencies only, after the normal office hours of the Town Hall, call 613-632-1105.

Please note that the Departments will respond to various requests within 48 hours.