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You can help reduce the disposal of residual waste through recycling, among other things.

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Working towards a greener town!

Tips & tricks for responsable stewardship of our local environment.

As a Hawkesbury citizen, you can help reduce the disposal of residual materials by recycling organic materials. How? Through simple gestures such as making household compost, grasscycling and leaf mulching, or participating in the municipal collection.

Your participation in annual events such as the shoreline cleanup of the banks of the Ottawa River or the Provincial Day of Action Against Litter is a step in the right direction, but you can do even more, every day, all year round!

Some helpful tips for maintaining your lawn

In order to reduce the amount of green residue which must be collected and transported to a composting site, the Town strongly recommends that residents adopt grasscycling and leaf mulching practices while conducting lawn maintenance work (By-Law 51-2022).

Organic waste diversion

Diverting organic waste from landfills reduces landfill methane emissions, helps to extend the lifespan of our local landfills, and creates a valuable soil amendment when composted.

“Green Residue” includes compostable materials from plant remains, from green space maintenance and from pruning of hedges. 

This includes grass, dead leaves, plants and other plant residues (coniferous needles, hedge clippings, weeds, etc.), bark, shavings, sawdust, residues from the garden, branches tied in bundles, houseplants including potting soil and twigs. 

This excludes food residue, recyclable materials, plastics, clothing, animal litter and excrement from domestic animals or humans, pieces of lumber, household hazardous waste, whole tree trunks or stumps, rocks, earth, pebbles, and dead animals.

Learn about the collection dates and more by clicking on this link.


Diverting electronic waste

Recycle your electronic waste for free!
  • Recycle-Action – 1301 Spence ave., Hawkesbury.
    • Accepts "anything with a plug" - wires, keyboard, computer, printer, lighting wires without light bulbs, battery-powered non-plastic items, and more!
    • Call (613) 632-8508 to confirm if your items will be accepted and check their hours of operation.


  • Staples Hawkesbury, or any such retailer participating in an electronics recycling program
    • Accepts several electronic items (wires, keyboards, computer, printers), as well as household batteries and some empty ink and toner cartridges.
    • Call (613) 632-6800 to confirm if your items will be accepted and check their hours of operation.

Did you know you can recycle your batteries?

How you can dispose of your old batteries

Household batteries can be recycled by putting them in one of the Call2Recycle boxes at the service counters of the Hawkesbury Canadian Tire and Staples.

Car batteries are sent for recycling by the retailers who sell them. You can bring old car batteries to the Canadian Tire service counter in Hawkesbury.


Don't become a statistic, learn how to dispose of ashes safely.

How to dispose of ashes?

Ashes, the extinct residue from the burning of coal and wood, are not accepted in the household garbage collection.

Please dispose of your ashes in the ash container in front of the fire station at 780 Spence Ave., Hawkesbury. A secondary disposal option for ashes is to compost them in your household composter to use as a soil amendment.

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