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What is site plan control?

Site plan control is a site-specific, specialized form of land use control. “Development”, as defined under the Town of Hawkesbury’s Site Plan Control By-law, is subject to a site plan control approval process. The purpose of this process is to apply specific conditions to certain types of development which complement and refine the existing zoning. These “quality control” conditions may include, but are not limited to, matters such as road widening, vehicular and pedestrian traffic flows, safety, landscaping, building plans, drainage and private and municipal services. The Site Plan Control By-law is a Council-approved document. Where applicable, development cannot proceed without a site plan agreement being registered against the land.

Why is a site plan control required?

Site plan control approval is required for certain types of development and addresses a range of site planning matters. It is generally required for commercial and industrial development, housing of three or more units, certain changes of land use and for a revision to an existing site plan. Professional design may be required. Site plan application approval may be granted by Council.

Key steps

  • pre-consultation with staff, applicant and, if necessary, professionals;
  • submit complete application with required fees;
  • circulate to departments and agencies, afterward a report will be prepared;
  • report to Council for review, agreement drafted afterward;
  • Council adopts site plan agreement and securities will need to be provided;
  • agreement executed and registered on titles;
  • site works completed, securities will thereafter be released;

For a more detailed procedure, timetable, please submit your planning request here. (Subject: Zoning and planning inquiry)

Applicant’s roles and responsibilities

Each person and agency has defined roles and responsibilities. An application will move through the process quickly if the applicant:

  • meets with staff and other interested parties, such as the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, before filing the application;
  • formulates a proposal which reflects established policies and standards;
  • submits a complete application;
  • provides full and accurate information throughout the process;
  • sets out the objectives for the application, including any impacts on an affected area, and;
  • ensures the proposal meets the objectives of “quality control” development in the Town.

Evaluation criteria

Applications are evaluated on the basis of guidelines established in the Official Plan and further detailed in the Site Development Control By-law. Generally, the site plan should:

  • improve the site’s attractiveness such as landscaping and safe functioning;
  • provide safe, efficient and well-located access, parking, handicapped parking and loading areas;
  • address storm water management and surface drainage;
  • wherever possible, sensitively integrate existing natural features;
  • achieve barrier-free access to publicly-accessible places;
  • complement the street scape and surrounding properties;
  • accommodate easements for utilities and the conveyance of land to widen existing rights-of-way, if required;
  • locate garbage enclosures in unobtrusive locations;
  • increase public security by enhancing visual surveillance;
  • promote lighting that enhances safety, function and attractiveness.

Submission requirements

Please consult with the Town’s Planner by calling 613 632-0106 before submitting an application. The basis submission requirements include:

  • a complete application form and fee;
  • a deed for the subject property, and;
  • all required drawings (folded).

pdfSubmission and design requirements