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Please note that since December 1, 2021, the Finance Department is closed between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. (like the rest of the Town Hall).

The Finance Department is primarily responsible for managing all the financial transactions and accounting issues for all municipal departments and ensures that all financial resources and assets are coordinated and conducted cost-effectively for its efficient operation.

The Treasurer and his team oversees all of the municipality’s financial matters. Following decisions and policies set by Council, our responsibilities is to prepare and monitor the annual budget; to prepare and record accounting information; to review the procurements; to administer tax collection, water, sewer and garbage billings; to manage the municipal debt, the banking arrangements as well as long and short term investments; and loans.

How to avoid late payment charges?

Canada Post has a policy that mail will not be delivered unless it has the correct postal address. Therefore, please notify us of any changes, including your postal box number, for your property taxes and/or water/sewer/garbage account.

If you have not received your property tax bills or your quarterly user fee billings for the current year, please contact us at 613-632-0106.